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Personal Injury Defense and Insurance Defense

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Attorneys who cover Personal Injury and Insurance Defense are:

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Insurance Coverage Disputes

At Kutcher Tygier & Luminais, LLP, we handle virtually all types of insurance coverage disputes from trucking, automobile and uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage “bad faith” litigation, etc. to comprehensive general liability and professional liability coverage claims.  When representing clients on these cases, our team provides legal representation honed through decades of experience.


Automotive Casualty and Auto Insurance Defense

Man with his head in his hands near an auto accident
Many national insurance clients rely on our firm to provide regional knowledge in automotive casualty and auto insurance defense cases. Louisiana is a “direct action” state where an insurer can be sued directly in most third-party liability claims. As a result, insurers usually have increased exposure, and other issues arise that do not commonly occur in other jurisdictions which can complicate insurance defense. Our experienced team is adept at navigating by litigating in a “direct action” jurisdiction. Our attorneys can quickly assess your case, handle it effectively and efficiently, and zealously defend your interests.


Property Damage Insurance

Man standing near fallen tree that has damaged a house
Property damage insurance coverage disputes must be handled with care to ensure the best possible outcomes. With many insurance companies as long-term clients, our attorneys understand the need for good-faith and reasonable cost containment in order to prevent excessive, unwarranted insurance losses.

Trucking Casualty Claims

Underside view of an overturned big rig truck
In the trucking industry, an accident or cargo spill can have far-reaching repercussions. In these cases, our attorneys can provide rapid legal response, stepping in to help protect your business from unjust consequences. We will thoroughly investigate, mediate, and aggressively defend your company with the goal of securing the best possible outcome. The attorney who handles Trucking Litigation is Bradley Luminais.


Maritime and Admiralty Law

A docked cruise ship
We have years of experience representing clients in the maritime industry, which has given our team a thorough understanding of the legal issues pertaining to admiralty cases.  When accidents, claims and disputes arise during maritime ventures, our lawyers can efficiently defend your business.

Professional Liability

Because of their specialized knowledge, professionals, such as insurance agents, brokers, financial consultants, architects, engineers, home inspectors, accountants, doctors and lawyers, among other types of professionals, have a special relationship with their clients. This special relationship usually imposes upon the professional a stringent standard of care, and often fiduciary obligations. Specialized laws will usually govern the professional’s conduct. We have successfully defended numerous professionals, of many types, and we have the experience, knowledge and skill required to minimize the substantial risk professionals are exposed to.

Construction Litigation

A large construction vehicle scooping dirt
Disputes involving construction projects can be complex and costly since they often involve multiple parties and several conflicting interests. When defending homeowners, builders, insurers, and contractors, our attorneys utilize extensive knowledge and resources to efficiently resolve or litigate these complicated legal matters.


Premises Liability

Property owners, whether individual homeowners, shopping center owners, or small business owners and merchants, are faced with a dizzying array of risks that may lead to bodily injury or property damage to those who come upon their property. Physical defects or conditions in or on the property can lead to accidents, as can negligent operations or failing to conform to codes and standards, or safe business practices. Even criminal activity of others that occur on or near the property may create exposure. We have defended all types of premises liability cases – whether it is a claim against a homeowner, or claim against the owner or property manager of a shopping center; or a claim against a restaurant, bar or other type of merchant; a claim against an apartment complex or condominium association; a claim against a nursing home, school or church. We have the knowledge, experience and resources required to fiercely protect the investment in your property.


Product Liability

Close-up of tire tread
Our firm has spent decades defending international, national and local manufacturers, distributors, and retailers from potentially devastating product liability lawsuits. We have the experience and resources to help minimize or prevent losses stemming from alleged design, construction, manufacturing defects, breach of warranty and claims of inadequate warnings.


Construction Site Accidents

A man with a hardhat lying down receiving assistance
Despite safety precautions, accidents still unfortunately occur at construction job sites. At Kutcher Tygier & Luminais, LLP, our attorneys work to help resolve construction site accident claims through alternative dispute resolution whenever possible, and we will vigorously defend clients in court, when necessary.

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