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Catching cancer early increases your survival rate and could help you avoid the emotional and physical pain associated with chemotherapy. If you or a loved one is the victim of cancer misdiagnosis, our medical malpractice attorneys can fight for your compensation and hold all accountable parties responsible. At Wagar Richard Kutcher Tygier & Luminais, LLP in Metairie, LA, we work hard to help our clients receive compensation for their pain and suffering.

About Cancer Misdiagnosis

When it comes to cancer, early diagnosis is key. Fortunately, advances in the field of medicine have helped thousands of Americans detect, treat, and successfully overcome the disease. However, cases in which medical professionals fail to identify or diagnose cancer can lead to pain, suffering, and even death. Patients who have been misdiagnosed have the right to hold the doctor or hospital accountable for their oversight.

There are a few different ways that cancer misdiagnosis can occur. These include:

  • Undetected Cancer: This occurs in the unfortunate event that cancer was present, but it was missed and therefore undiagnosed.
  • Incorrect Diagnosis: This type of misdiagnosis occurs when the patient was diagnosed with another type of disease instead of cancer.
  • Wrongful Diagnosis: This occurs if a patient is actually cancer-free, but is wrongfully diagnosed with the disease.
Because early detection is the single most important aspect of cancer diagnosis, failure to identify the disease can result in a catastrophic mistake on the part of the healthcare provider.​

Why Does Cancer Misdiagnosis Occur?

There are several different ways negligence can occur regarding cancer diagnosis. Some common causes of a cancer misdiagnosis include:

  • Miscommunication: Failure to report accurate information in a timely manner can result in diagnosis errors. For example, if a doctor fails to inform the patient about lab results, it is considered negligence.
  • Failure to Follow Up: If a doctor notices something out of the ordinary, but fails to refer patient to a specialist for further testing, it can lead to misdiagnosis.
  • Lab Errors: Incorrectly interpreting tests, misreporting results, or mishandling samples are all examples of lab errors.
A medical professional holds a vial of blood
Lab errors can increase the chance of a cancer misdiagnosis.
  • Improper Screening: Healthcare professionals should take family history into account when screening. Therefore, at-risk patients who are more prone to developing cancer should be screened more regularly than patients who are not.
  • Improper Assumption: This can occur if a healthcare provider assumes a patient does not have cancer due to their age, gender, ethnicity, or family history. For example, a doctor may wrongly assume that a woman does not have breast cancer because she is too young.

The Importance of a Correct Cancer Diagnosis

Because early detection is the single most important aspect of cancer diagnosis, failure to identify the disease can result in a catastrophic mistake on the part of the healthcare provider. As cancer continues to develop while untreated, it can metastasize to multiple organs, leading to serious complications and possible death.

It is important for patients to provide their doctors with as much information as possible. In addition to family history, work history and lifestyle also play a crucial role in proper diagnosis. For example, if you have developed mesothelioma from asbestos exposure due to your job as an electrician, it is important to disclose your employment history. Without that vital information, your doctor may assume your symptoms are a result of another condition.

Alternatively, there is also a significant risk for patients who have been wrongly diagnosed with cancer. In an effort to treat and eradicate the disease, many people choose to undergo surgeries, chemotherapy, and radiation treatments, all of which can potentially cause complications or a shortened life expectancy.

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