$19,146,016.07 and Counting in Medical Malpractice Judgments and Settlements

Finding experienced attorneys who specialize in representing victims of medical malpractice is very challenging.  Yet when a life-altering injury or death occurs from medical or hospital negligence, your choice of a medical malpractice lawyer is crucial.  It can make the difference between winning and losing your case. 

Although no lawyer can guarantee results, we have many years of experience and success in representing patients who were injured by medical malpractice and families who have lost loved ones to wrongful death by professional or institutional medical errors.  We have a multi-state practice in Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and the Florida panhandle.

If you or someone you love has been harmed or killed by medical error, please contact us. We will review your case at no cost to you and if medical malpractice is confirmed, represent you in seeking just compensation for your loss from those responsible.

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A medical team gathered around a patient

Emergency Room Errors

If you were injured at an emergency room because of the mistakes of medical care professionals, our experienced team of attorneys can seek the compensation you deserve. With years of medical malpractice litigation experience, we have the resources to confront hospitals or doctors for serious injuries or death caused by malpractice.

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A medical team performing surgery

Surgical Mistakes

Studies have shown that 49% of surgical errors cause permanent disability and another 16% result in death. The majority of surgical error claims involve experienced surgeons and occur in routine rather than complex operations. With several decades of experience, our medical malpractice attorneys know how to pursue just compensation when a patient suffers as the result of surgical mistakes and anesthesia errors.

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Female doctor going over paperwork with a grey-haired man

Misdiagnosis or Failure to Diagnose

A doctor's misdiagnosis or failure to diagnose a serious condition can result in catastrophic consequences. Medical malpractice can often be difficult to prove, but our attorneys have a high rate of success in these cases and remain committed to holding healthcare providers accountable for their errors.

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Male doctor using a stethoscope on a pregnant woman

Gynecological and Obstetrical Malpractice

Mistakes by gynecologists or obstetricians can have far-reaching effects on clients and their families. If you or your baby were injured and medical malpractice was to blame, the attorneys at Wagar Richard Kutcher Tygier & Luminais, LLP stand ready to aggressively pursue justice and compensation on your behalf.

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Hand signing

Informed Consent

Informed consent is more than just signing a form with fine print.  It means that you have control over what medical options are available, not your doctor, and that all alternatives have been fully disclosed and explained to you.  It is a fundamental patient right that is often violated and sometimes leads to disaster.  We may be able to help.

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Male doctor seated with his head against his hand

Hospital and Institutional Negligence

Clerks, orderlies, nurses, and other hospital personnel are trusted with the care and treatment of patients in need. When a patient suffers as the result of a hospital error, such as failing to prevent a fall-risk patient from injury or failing to minimize the risk of hospital-acquired infection, our experienced attorneys can hold the liable parties responsible.

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Close-up of a man gripping a wheelchair wheel

Catastrophic Injury

Brain, spinal cord, and other catastrophic injuries can often result in loss of employment, the need for long-term care, and other life-altering consequences. If medical malpractice or negligence caused you or someone you love to suffer a catastrophic injury, our skilled legal team is here to help.

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Close-up of a bottle of prescription pills

Pharmacy and Medication Errors

The wrong dose or mix of powerful prescription medications can cause irreparable harm, or even death. If you have suffered because of pharmacy or medication errors, an experienced medical malpractice attorney at Wagar Richard Kutcher Tygier & Luminais, LLP will work tirelessly, pursuing just compensation for you.

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