Resolving Disputes With a Commercial Litigation Attorney

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Commercial Litigation

If a contentious dispute, accusation, or liability issue is threatening your business, a commercial litigation lawyer at Richard Kutcher Tygier & Luminais, LLP can provide experienced legal support. When representing your business, our attorneys will draw upon years of experience and work tirelessly for the best possible results.

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Construction Litigation

Disputes involving construction projects can be complex and costly since they often involve multiple parties and several conflicting interests. When defending homeowners, builders, insurers, and contractors, our attorneys utilize extensive knowledge and resources to efficiently resolve or litigate these complicated legal matters.

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Commercial Contract Disputes

Our lawyers can assist with virtually all types of commercial contract disputes, including those involving commercial real estate and buy/sell agreements. Fortunately, we can often resolve these disputes through skilled negotiation, mediation, arbitration, or litigation, which can include the handling of emergency court injunctions.

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Franchise Compliance and Disputes

If you are a franchiser or franchisee facing legal action related to compliance or a dispute, our attorneys are here to help. We have years of experience assisting in cases involving franchise transfers, modifications, unfair trade practices, antitrust claims, contracts, and other related aspects.

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Securities, Antitrust and Civil RICO

Whether it is on the plaintiff's side or the defense, our attorneys can provide legal support and knowledge in antitrust, RICO or securities matters, as well as any other fraud or misappropriation case, including price fixing, monopolies, wire and mail fraud.

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